About the company :

Advanced Solutions for Credit Card Billing and Control For over 35 years, we have been leading in the development of transaction and credit control software for corporations, companies, and businesses! Every clearing method you're looking for already exists… with us.

Our massive development department is responsible for keeping Pelecard at the forefront of technology. Our cyber warfare unit offers multi-layered protection for transactions and credit details.

We emphasize system resilience for our largest market customers, compliance with PCI and EMV standards.

Our professional service and support department provides personal and complete accompaniment, with a focus on rapid response.

Whether you're a corporation with 5K employees or a sole proprietor, we have all the clearing interfaces suitable for you.

In addition, we've developed a back-end management system with detailed reports and an internal credit reconciliation solution.

We offer hundreds of proprietary software interfaces and an advanced API suitable for every organization and company.

We also offer 3Ds, a defensive system against credit card theft and transaction denial .PCI 2024

Organizations and Companies:
Clearing interfaces for ERP, cash registers, quality service, system resilience, custom development, card reconciliation and more…

Medium and Small Businesses: Clearing interfaces for cash registers with hundreds of management software, solutions for all types of necessary clearing.

Virtual Shops: Advanced payment page (iframe), solutions for open source systems (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, OpenCart, Wix, invoice interfaces, 3ds free of charge for plugins.

Offices and Shops: Clearing interfaces for ERP, cash registers, custom clearing solutions for various offices and shops as


Mobile Clearing: Mobile clearing devices suitable for mobile clearing for salespeople, agents and more…

Subscriptions: Advanced payment page, solutions for open-source systems (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, OpenCart, Wix, invoice interfaces, 3ds.

Account Manager: (Reconciliations) A control system for reconciling credit cards for account managers.

Developers and Business Partners: API development for advanced and complex technologies as a service to companies.

We have more than 300 different clearing interfaces at our disposal, for gas stations, hotels, complex management software, inventory management software, and the development of a customized clearing system for start-ups and new companies, and more… So it's likely that any credit card clearing service has already been developed by us.

The largest companies and organizations in the Israeli market work with Pelecard, so you're in good hands For any question or consultation, business partnership, etc., you are invited to contact us at the number +972 036579500

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